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the play for this program, the venetian twins by carlo goldoni. now, your host, mr. jose ferrer. comedy wears many masks. it's a term that can be used to describe a series of jokes or an incident or a whole dramatic genre. in fact, the word comedy is used in so many ways that a single definition is difficult, if not impossible to make. still, it's something we want, even need to experience whether with a quiet smile or an out-and-out belly laugh. when we turn to the purpose of comedy, we find some agreement, for always at its core, there is a spirit of fun, which delights, amuses and entertains. usually, there is a companion word with comedy, which helps to describe its thrust such as situation, romantic, social or farcical, satirical. often, it's discussed according to levels: low comedy, high comedy. on the highest level, there is the comedy of ideas or comedy of manners with emphasis on language and wit. for instance, the plays of jonson, congreve, wilde and shaw. on the lowest level, there is physical comedy such as is found in burlesque and farce, with emphasis on a madcap
would take this opportunity to celebrate an icon of san francisco. the brown twin sisters have been with us for many decades. mary is here today, she's here in celebration and memory of her sister as we all are and we want to take this opportunity to use the arbor day to have a cedar tree, a tree that will grow taller than mary or i. it will grow to be a hundred feet tall. it will be a tree that will be celebrated here in san francisco for generations to come and we thought it would be not only appropriate, but we thought it would be our honor by planting this tree in recognition of vivian and her wonderful contributions to our city. and we are especially blessed with maryann honoring us with her presence. it's not that easy for her to get around these days but she has and continues to be part of an incredible twin sisters. but now she's also missing vivian as much as we are and we felt this would be a proper way to create a celebratory atmosphere on how we miss vivian, how much she meant to us and take this opportunity for arbor day to plant this tree in her name. how is that, mar
with the winklevoss twins, tyler and cameron. >> excuse us for inviting you in. >> in real life, they're olympic rowers who claim that when they were at harvard, they had the idea of a university-based social networking site first, that in 2003, mark agreed to work on their project, but instead, they say, he ripped them off. >> when we approached him, we had been working on the idea for almost a year at that point. we had a sophisticated codebase. it wasn't an idea scribbled on a napkin. it was a very sort of mature idea, and we brought him on to bring it to completion. we agreed to work on this project. he sabotaged our project, and he betrayed us. >> there were other social networking sites already there. it isn't as if you had the first idea. right? you admit that? >> that's a typical argument that comes from facebook that social networking existed at the time. >> right. >> we weren't individuals on separate sides of the country developing social networks unbeknownst to each other. we were teammates. we were partners. >> so how did you actually find out that he was working on a different proj
false. >>> if you're wondering what the winklefox twins are up to, wonder no more. famous for suing mark zuckerberg, they're now venture capitalists. and major big-coin investors. they say they own about $11 million worth of the currency. >>> mcdonald's has killed a regional subway ad that pokes fun at mental illness. it reads "you're not alone. millions of people love the big mac," parodying a mental health psa. mcdonald's says it never approved the ads and faults the advertising agency. >>> rough times at carnival. recently the seemingly cursed cruise line was offering four-night trips on one of its ships for $1.49 -- that really would be cheap -- for $149 a person. $2 less than a room at motel 6. hopefully carnival will keep the lights on for you. >>> a 14-year-old makes history at the masters. >>> plus a never-before-look at artifacts from the assassination of john f. kennedy. you're watching "early today." >>> now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we start in texas where police say two people were killed and over 40 others were injured after a charter bus carry
wanna talk to you about the twin drip, which is discussed in the book, but i wanna preface something. i wanna preface that trip with a little hardcore physics. pay attention, gang. let's suppose someone's standing on a planet here and they have a flashlight and they shine a flashlight off to a distant planet over here. and people on this distant planet are gonna have a telescope all lined up here and they're gonna stand right here and they're gonna watch the flashes of light. and let's suppose a person here emits a flash of light every three minutes. this little flash, flash... i got a question for you. if there's no relative motion between the two planets, it's gonna take some time for that first flash to get up here. but under zero gravity here, boom, sees a flash. how long they're gonna have to wait for another one? three. - and the next one? - three. - and the next one? - three. they'll come at regularly spaced intervals, all right? now, let's suppose i have a rocket ship that's traveling at a very, very high speed between the two planets. now, this rocket ship is traveling away fro
to play i. you want to stay tuned. liz: plus a brother battle royale. two twin investment managers duke it out on the economy, markets and europe. both have been very successful in their businesses. is it time to hunker down or go all-in? this is one street fight you don't want to miss. david: first we'll tell you what drove the markets today with today's data download. stocks falling from all-time highs to start the second quarter on this april 1st, following disappointing manufacturing data. all three major indices did end the trading day in negative territory. industrials leading today's declines. closing down more than 1%. health care and telecom were only s&p sectors to post any kind of gains. copper falling to the lowest level in nearly eight months after manufacturing reports signaled easing demand in china the metal fell almost 1% to close at $3.37 a pound. >>> also growth in the u.s. manufacturing sector unexpectedly slowing last month and companies reported fewer new orders and less production. the ism manufacturing index dropped to 51.3 from 54.2 in february. still in positiv
. the school has come under the scrutiny. those twin challenges of the cuts and accreditation challenge those twin challenges have tested the schools like never before but because of the crisis and county groups have come together to support the city colleges and that's a positive thing that came out of this crisis. because it's time also for our city to think more creativity so we can support from city hall. this resolution that's before us and there's a couple of amendments made by the college of the trustees and other groups. but the resolution first calls for the college to use as much of the funds through ballot prop a that passed last fall by 73 percent margin to keep classrooms open as much as possible and to use the resources there. also the community coalition we're not saying this dissects shouldn't have a healthy reverse o reserve. also prop a forms have been used with input from the community. second the currently charges to the college and explore opportunities the existing kind services that are charged to the college system and hopefully, we'll have more information about this
. >> reporter: we're learning tonight one of the men is a father of twin boys, one of the men who was shot yesterday or last night. and the girl who police say they are following up on a number of leads as they look for those responsible for this shooting. >> it sounded, like, about more than five gunshots. >> the sound of gunfire caused irma to run out of her home on chestnut street in gilroy. three doors down, she saw a crowd gathering on the front lawn and two of them on the ground. one of them was her friend, stevie. >> so i went down on my knees and i got both of his hands and i said stevie, hang in there, please hang in there. look at my eyes and don't look away. >> within minutes, the police and paramedics arrived. while irma held stevie, he told her about these guy who is followed her from a nearby market. >> he responded to me and told me he just came back from the market. he was buying milk for his twins, he has twin boys. >> one man died and the other is in critical condition. but investigators are not saying which man died. the shooting happened in a neighborhood full of childr
. it is anchored by twin white gazebos and flowers that bloom year-round. this is the place to tell someone special or the place to declare the commitment you two share. weddings and the event reservations are available for this adorable hidden gem. we know there are many other romantic parks in san francisco. we hope you have enjoyed this torre of lookouts, picnics, and strolls that are available every day. until next time, do not forget to get out and play. for more information about reserving one of these romantic locations or any other location, call 831-5500. this number is best for special events, weddings, picnics, and the county fair buildings. or for any athletic field, call 831-5510. you can write us at -- or walk in and say hello. and of course you can find more information --
and right at the tip of this scarp there are two twin towers of rock. if you get to a certain place on top of this very narrow butte, you can see between these twin towers and there happens to be a great house built between these two towers and every 18.6 years when the moon goes into its northernmost point on the horizon, it rises between those two towers. i was there at the beginning of the last 18.6 year cycle and we stood up there, probably 20 of us, researchers, forest service people, all gathered at the same spot with cameras and huddled -- it was late december at 8,000 feet and we were all watching this gap. and somebody had done very intricate work to figure out exactly where you need to stand to see the light at exactly the right time. and as we were all gathered up there, i remember this older archeo-astronomer said it's too bad this isn't celebrated any more. this is such a momentous occasion, the moon finally coming up between the gap and nobody celebrates it. i looked at him as we were all bundled together and thought, do you not notice all of us here pressed to the edge watch
't know if you know it, but this will have almost a not quite a twin, but in hong kong, the hong kong monetary authority, you will have 2 towers by cesar pally looking to one of our major initiatives of our country in the next 15 years which is the pacific. so, we will be the brother of the sister in hong kong. so i want to thank each of you for the help and the journey that we have been on. i would like my son, jeff, and jim, the ceo of the west coast that have endured many battles. we share the property, share the privilege with boston properties and thank you for the opportunity to develop such a wonderful high quality energy efficient building that we are going to be so proud of. thank you for the opportunity. [ applause ] >> thank you, jerry, very much for those comments. now our final speaker is zuckerman. a man who needs no introduction and a man who i have a tremendous amount of respect for and incredible inspiration to me. he has worked his entire life in numerous capacity to make this a better world. a publishing magnet, he's the chairman and editor of the new york world wor
screaming for help last night and many were worried for the young twin boys who live here. they were okay. bliss -- police say the mother and her adult daughter were shot by a man who shot himself. friends remain heartbroken to hear the single man of four has been shot. >> she is a good man with great kids and a wonderful lady. i feel bad. >> the two women survived and are in critical but stable conditions. neighbors say the man who shot them was an ex-boyfriend of the adult daughter and she had a temporary restraining order against him. >> i have known the mom since she was in elementary school. we know them very well. it is shocking. >> the pastor at the family church came by to check on the family this morning after hearing the news. he said this is not the first time the adult daughter has been the victim of violence and her mother worried about her. >> she was shot last year but she wasn't the target. it was just a shooting in a club. >> he says the mom has been very worried about the adult daughter and busy raising four kids on her own as a single mom. a neighborhood said she has be
that are vying for the title of biggest water hog. >> this is the genetic twin, which is cut down in 1890. >> a tree from the past to ensure the redwoods of the future. how a tree cut down more than a century ago could live on for thousands of years. the humble back seat. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> check bay area headlines tonight. two people hurt when a refrigeration unit was ruptured. it blew up, sending freon spilling into the store. neither of the injuries is life threatening. >>> in san jose, cleanup crews have started clearing a large homeless encampment at kelly park. it looks like about 175 people have been living there. crews found an outhouse, even a television, they ran off of generators. >>> and, federal budget cuts have kicked in testing the already thin patience of air travelers. faa furloughs causing some delays at airports across the country with air traffic co
it all startedthe finish line where aaron was wounded by one of the twin bombs while he waited for his mom to finish the race. aaron's color was good and he was in good spiritsshowing off a few of his new souvineres. but, as difficult as it was, it was important for aaron and his family to go back to where the bombs went off. it was a very emotional, moving time and for some people it was important for closure. gay gerlack is a long time family friend and the news of aaron's release from the hospital was a relief for her and others close to the family. gay says the 11 year old has been in the thoughts of martinez residents since the word got out about his injuries. i think, right now, one of the biggest issues for aaron is how am i going to get all of these cards and presents that people have sent me back home? aaron even got up to take a few steps. gay says everyone has been pulling for him. he was overwhelmed that letters and good wishes came from people that he did not even know. gay tells me that aaron will have to stay in boston and go through some rehab and is expected to be back
service at twin peaks community for our city and she is entitled to fair treatment in this protecting her four-year home and the rental housing, affordable rental housing, the light conduct and that requires a three foot set back for windows it shows nine window and two glass doors on the east side, which is her side and he has also signed a written agreement with miss al bright promising to set back from the property line but his plan now shows his property to be developed on her property line. so, she agreed to remove a much loved 30-year-old redwood tree to improve his view if he would sign that agreement and he did. promising the set back which now does not exist. the albright property is giving murphy a clear city view and allowing for greater building value. murphy has three big decks and room for a patio on the gray stone terrace side of the building which is where everything else put on on the city side. he does not need two more decks outside stairs, a dog run, a bbq patio and all of those windows all on the east side of the rh1 building. this is the albright side, her property d
was watching one of your videos and they believe they're twins. >> when i looked at the photos, i was completely blown away. >> no way. >> they had no idea except the fact they look like each other. >> a new journey in life, one that includes my first living blood relative and potential identical match. >> could they get a dna test and prove it? >> that's the plan. they started kick starter for twinsters and want to make a documentary about meeting for the first time and going to france and new jersey to see each other's families and friends and see how they met. they're going to get a dna test and reveal the results. they're trying to raise $30,000 to do the documentary. so far they have got nearly $40,000. this is them talking to skype. >> oh, my god. >> this is a very weird experience. >> so weird. >> i wish i had a twin brother somewhere. send a message to george clooney. >>> before i show you guys this piece, i will ask that you all keep a very open mind here. >> it really glows like a goatee and i shorten it now and then. if it gets too long -- >> this is 49-year-old german
's using social media to search for his twin brother. a brother he hasn't seen in over 60 years. new car! hey! [squeals] ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long. introducing the versatile, all-new subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. >>> tomorrow is holocaust remembrance day. people around the world will honor the 6 million jewish men, women and children who were murdered by hitler and his followers. one survivor of the death camp last saw his twin brother as a 4-year-old in 1945 in ouch wiau. now 68 years later he's taken to social media to find his missing brother. atika shubert has that story. >> this is my father. >> reporter: this is menachem's memory at just 3 years old. >> translator: i remember my mother when she was wearing a green skirt with white flowers and white blouse," he says. "on the left was a bag and my brother was sleeping. i remember i had
pictures of these to precious little babies. i've about to become a grandmother this summer of twins. those babies are human beings and so beautiful and already so distinctive already five months, they move around, push each other , it brings it home, it really brings it home when they're in your own family family, your own babies about to be born. overcome recent years i have seen more people shifting to the side of respect for unborn life. i believe that kristan hawkins has been a critical part of that. please join me now to welcome kristan hawkins. [applause] that is so exciting, twins. i remember i got my first ultrasound for my son the machine was messing up. very early in a pregnancy and they said we see to yolk sacs to have twins in your family? no. i was in a panic i cannot imagine having to twin the gunners. that would be crazy. to talk about the pro-life generation y rewrote the book and introduce you to those who were featured in the book. not too far from hear the supreme court ruled in favor of a 27 year-old a relatively unknown lawyer who had an abortion collagen they ruled in
'm about to become a grandmother this summer of twins. those babies are human beings. they are so beautiful. they already so distinctive. they are just about five months and then move around and they pushed each other. it brings it home. it really brings it home when they're in your own family, your own babies, babies, about to be born. over recent years i've seen more and more people, both young and not so young, shifting over to the side of respect for unborn life. and i believe that kristan hawkins has been a critical part of the swing of the pendulum. please join me now in welcoming kristan hawkins. [applause] >> that's so exciting, twins. i remember when i got my first ultrasound of my some. i think the ultrasound machine was messing up and they were like, icq. they have twins and your family? no. i was in a panic. i can't imagine having to twins on earth. running around the house but it would be kind of crazy. today i want to talk to you about the pro-life generation and then going to why we wrote the book and introduce you to some of the people who are featured in the book. 41 years
on images of the twin explosions and their aftermath, investigators are more interested in this, the pictures of what happened before the blast. >> i think we're processing all the digital photographic evidence we possibly can right now as quickly as possible with resources from fbi headquarters, quantico and that's a priority of the investigation right now. >> reporter: law enforcement official tells cnn so far investigators have found no surveillance video of anyone planting either bomb. but it is early, investigators are still combing local businesses to collect all security camera videos for blocks around, and asking people along the route to hand over any and all digital images. >> it is our intention to go through every frame of every video that we have to determine exactly who was in the area. this is probably one of most well photographed areas in the country yesterday. >> reporter: visitors to the city are also being asked to offer up their images from the event before they leave town. >> there is a lot of questions going on amtrak and now at logan. people leaving, beca
, that the units, the five units from here wound up at three different places on twin pines ridge. they whined about the tile house, they whined about the double wide, they wind up at the octagon house. and here you can see all those places including the town and east end of the past just to give you an idea of the terrain. the first place that were anybody dropped off was the tile house defended by engine 52, captain chris vogel. this is a post by photograph of the house. at the time of the fire that rove was not complete and there was a dead bury -- debris pile a distance from the house. you will see that. but a lot has been done to make this fire safe. there's a cleared area here. you have a nice wide driveway. it's not a bad place. these are the defenders of the, the engine 52 people. that's paul jacobson, jobs richardson, erin reyes standing in front of the fire as it essentially created a moat around engine 52. this is the event. this is the fire even as it passes by the tile house. that's paul jacobs. guys will be guys. now to me that's an awful lot of fire. but that is what it's like w
, two female researchers, identical twin sisters, sparking a heated debate today, suggesting that white men are the ones to blame for america's problems with gun violence and there are some spin-off theories about why that may be, and you may find them rather offensive. we warn you, we debate that claim and look at evidence. this, however, you will not find offensive, a man who's son was recently blessed by the pope says this once in a lifetime opportunity provided his family and the world with a valuable life lesson. and today that father joins us live with what that lesson is and what it was like to see this moment, as this child's father. and white house press secretary jay carney going after our own ed henry when he was asked about evidence that some in the administration may have misled americans about the automatic spending changes that have now taken effect? did they oversell the devastating results that were going to happen? we'll ask ed what the heck just happened here just ahead. . >>. >> you are editorializing enorm nuousl enormously. >> february 25th he sawed 5,000 fewer bor
before the twin blasts shows a light-colored bag on the sidewalk next to a mailbox, they believe the bombs were in a dark-colored bag or backpack. federal law enforcement sources tell cnn the devices were inside pressure cookers and they believe bbs and nails were part of the explosives. important to know that so far nobody has claimed responsibility. the toll of injured up to 183, three more have died, including 8-year-old martin richard, and krystle campbell. >>> president obama will travel to boston on thursday. >>> we have the remains of a pressure cooker, a shredded black backpack and some kind of ball bearings or metal pellets. what can we read into this at this stage? >> you are looking at what they have in this investigation, which is the bombs themselves. apparently two very similar if not twin bombs placed in black nylon bags that they are recreating as much as they can. at quantico. the fbi lab. it is hal, who did this and why that they really do not have any leads on. you are looking at forensic evidence, it will be very important when they catch this person. but in t
the twin bombings and the shut down during the manhunt. at the white house president obama said boston's residents and police acted with resolve and bravery. >> because of their determined efforts we've closed an important chapter in this tragedy. >> it is not clear when authorities will be able to interrogate tsarnaev. police say he is in serious condition and not communicating. >> the investigators continue their search for answers. they want to know w these two brothersldhoific terrorist act f they had any help. back to you. >> thanks. local and federal investigators are now still trying to determine whether the two brothers had any help in their bombing plot. more information is coming out about those two brothers. a cousin says each brother was very different. the younger a smart and sweet kid, the older got into trouble. that cousin said he warned 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev that his older brother was a bad influence. >> from russia, the suspect's father insists his sons are innocent. he called his younger son a true angle studying medicine. >> someone framed them. i don't kn
been forced to cut $50 million and because of the colleges record it has been looked at. those twin challenges have tested the schools like never before. it's time for our city to think about how we can support the school. this calls for the city so use the funds to keep the classrooms open. and to re- our youth christmas for raising the issue in the community and campus as well. we anticipate talking about this resolution and a hearing next week as well and i invite the audience here to join us in possible solutions. and a new idea that is coming to the district it's called a thick, thick clinic and it's an example of sharing the building community and resourcesness join me and other residents for the fix it clinic. it takes place at the richmond district center. people like me will have the opportunity to bring our broken items like an old electronic small appliances and toys to receive guidance on how to fix the problem. we hope to reduce the amount of wastes that end up in our lands. and the first time san francisco is hosting such a event. bring broken items. there's a bonus if
long season. we'll have a lot more games. >>> if everyone has a twin, josh reddick, a three run home game and coco crisp, chris young in the fifth got oakland to 8-0 lead. reddick hiting is not an issue. right risk chasing foul ball in the fifth. x-rays are negative. he is day to day. a's have won five straight games. >> you will go in my mouth, chocolate ice cream. >> look at this shot. backhand top shelf, precision, third goal of the year. san jose went up by 2, twice. they came back and ties it at four. game goes to a shootout. scores the only goal. sharks settle for a point. 5-4 the final. 7 game win streak. outside the a's, rough day day for local teams, cal is just one in four. >> ama: thank you so much. a classic rebooted kicks off the >> ama: coming up at 11:00, remembering the victims of the holocaust. plus, on hollywood, film being used as propaganda to turn one country against americans. big red ball moving across the bay area. it will improve your fortune. >>> the remake of a cult horror movie. evil dead is an update version of the 1979 classic. it made $26 million. famil
and 15 square feet where lucys parents live in the basement. we had twins a few years later. we don't feel it's unreasonable to remodel our home to fit a family of our size. we have 3 generations livingful under one roof >> in this room we plan to maintain the 3 unit building. we are committed to the city, we have enjoyed seeing our boys grow we're members of the san francisco parks recreation department. we're committed to the san francisco schools. also i am of you were pan background i grew up in german i didn't. we want to any other time green space on the back and the roof with a living roof. >> we're going to have our architect come up and speak to many of the points but lastly we want to ask that i continue to support the city's findings on the variance. we find that the neighborhood does agree we've received 23 letters of support from our neighborhoods and we've got copies of all those letters if you want. >> good evening while their passing those out. i'm the architect representing kevin. thank you very much for hearing the case tonight. i i'll quickly go through a numbe
children who escaped juvenile hall at woodside avenue in twin peeks neighborhood, the two juveniles escaped 10:00 p.m. they don't know their ages or why they were incarcerated in the first place. >>> they are looking into legislation for gun buyers. supporters will also vote on 8 other amendments for high capacity ammunition clips and those measures are not expected to pass. senator chuck schumer is meeting with president barack obama and the president issued a statement supporting the bill and urging action. this would make a path for illegal citizens to become legal and they will focus on boarder security. >>> two lawsuits challenge the state law. now the controversial therapy has been designed to make this straight and has been out loud. they blocked the ban on conversion therapy in december until they can hear full arguments on the issue. >>> a pedestrian was killed while trying to walk across near the san pedro exist. the man was hit by two vehicles, one after another. the driver of the first car immediately pulled over and the second driver immediately left the scene. >> it is a nice
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 582 (some duplicates have been removed)